Beulah Baptist Church

Beulah Baptist Church

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"This is the Lord's doing, it is marvelous in our eyes." - Psalm 118:23

Ministries of BBC

Usher Board

The Usher Board Ministry is responsible for greeting those coming into our worship service and providing service to anyone during the service.

Adult Choir

Come let us rejoice and lift our voices unto the Lord. This ministry provides the song service for the church on the first and third Sundays of each month. Members are welcome and encouraged to join the choir to help us lift up the Lord with song and praise.

Youth Choir

The youth choir is a ministry where the pre-teens and young adults have an opportunity to praise and offer worship unto the Lord. They oversee the services for the second Sunday of the month.

Ministry of Help

This ministry was established to provide service for the functions of the church. This includes, but is not limited to, the preparation of meals for specified occasions and organizing and assisting with special events.

Jack & Jill (Children's Group)

This ministry is for our children ages 9 to 17, both male and female. Educating our children is a necessary component in preparing them to withstand the battles of living in a sin-filled world. Through the Jack & Jill ministry, our children are taught with Bible-inspired lessons on how to be a Christian and a servant of the Lord.

TOT Ministry (Targeting Our Teens)

Targeting Our Teens is a ministry designed to equip Teens for their environment, to encourage teens in their environment, and to positively affect other teens in their environment. This ministry is structured to provide a guided discussion on mature topics such as dating, sex, drinking, homosexuality, drugs and gangs, bullying, and other important issues that challenge our children in society.

Sisters Connection (Women's Group)

This ministry is for the Women of Beulah. This God-inspired sistership allows women to socialize in the midst of the Lord. Women are encouraged to participate in these spirit-led discussions focusing on family, womanhood, and roles related to being a wife. Sister Connection provides a conduit for women to grow closer to God through group dynamics and support.

Brothers of Unity (Men's Group)

This ministry is for the men of Beulah. This is an inspirational twist to the guy's day out. Brothers of Unity provides an avenue for men to discuss personal concerns and challenges associated with being a Man of God as well as a husband, father, and productive citizen. The Brothers of Unity provides a forum and support system for men desiring to become stronger Christians.

Prayer Intercessory Team

The prayer ministry provides the prayer support for our church. This team is a support system guided by prayer and spirituality. The team serves as an outreach to church members and the community alike.

Evangelistic Ministry

This ministry is established to reach the lost souls of our community. This ministry focuses on reclaiming individuals who once knew the Lord. The focus also extends to individuals who may have never known the Lord. At Beulah, we are in the business of saving souls.

Hospitality Committee

This ministry provides support for the members of our church family. The Hospitality Committee represents the quintessential auxiliary committee at Beulah Baptist Church. This committee focuses on extending a God-felt welcome to members and visitors alike. Members of this committee also plan social events aimed at creating a welcoming spirit.

Beulah in the Community Committee

This ministry organizes the outreach services to the community. This innovative cadre of Bible-fed and spirit-led members strive to implant the Beulah ministry throughout the community. This vision of the committee includes, but is not limited to tutoring, food drives, clothing drives, and other community-based initiatives.

Sunday School Ministry

This ministry provides adult and children with classes every Sunday morning. Sunday school is essential for learning and understanding the teachings of the Bible. These interactive sessions are designed to enable participants to fully grasp the messages imparted through the B-I-B-L-E.